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Lifestyle Problems Causing Obesity in Today’s world

Many Factors Influence Weight, your genetics, environment and behaviours all play a task in your weight. While you cannot control your genes, you’ll change your lifestyle.

Here’s a glance at unhealthy behaviours which will contribute to obesity. Some may surprise you.

  • Not Getting Enough Sleep

You know sleep is very important for a healthy life but do you know it’s one of the biggest reasons for obesity. It’s one of the major lifestyle problems causing obesity. People who don’t sleep enough are more likely to be obese, studies show. Sleep deprivation boosts your appetite by releasing the hunger-stimulating hormone ghrelin. As a result, you’re likely to eat more calories than you would like. So sleep on time if you want to live a fit life.

  • Sitting Too Much

The longer you spend sitting, the more likely you’re to be obese—regardless of what proportion you exercise. And it isn’t just that you’re burning fewer calories when you’re sitting. Studies suggest that long periods of inactivity may very well affect your metabolism. It’s a most neglected lifestyle problem causing obesity.

  • Eating Large Portions

Portion sizes have ballooned during the past 40 years, which has changed our idea of the traditional amount of food to erode a meal. Regardless of what you’re eating, if you’re taking in additional calories than you burn off, you’ll gain weight. It’s one of the main lifestyle problems causing obesity. Sounds crazy, but by eating off smaller plates you consume fewer calories yet still feel full!

  • Drinking Sugary Beverages

We all love sugary beverages but sipping fruit crushed or sugary soda has been strongly linked to obesity. Liquid calories don’t fill you up the maximum amount as food, so you finish up eating more to satisfy your hunger. Additionally, added sugars are shown to contribute to obesity, especially around the waist. If you want to keep your weight in check, you need to focus on the lifestyle problems causing obesity.

  • Eating Processed Food

It’s always good to eat home-cooked meals but it’s also helpful in keeping your weight balanced.  People who eat many processed food tend to realize more weight with time, research shows. Processed foods like crackers and frozen dinners are often less satisfying than whole foods like fruits, lean meats, and vegetables. This is a point you should keep in mind because it’s one of the major lifestyle problems causing obesity.

  • Feeling Stressed All the Time

We all get stressed about small things nowadays. High levels of stress are linked to larger waist sizes, studies show. Stress releases the fat-storing hormone cortisol and should trigger cravings for sweet and fatty foods. Stressing all the time is a part of life today but it’s also a main lifestyle problem causing obesity.

  • Not Exercising Enough

Get moving! Even among people that are genetically predisposed to obesity, physical activity can help maintain a healthy weight. Experts recommend 150 to 300 minutes of weekly moderate-intensity activity, like brisk walking, to keep off weight gain. Don’t go running like a crazy person but you can take a walk every day after your meals and that will definitely help you in balancing your weight. Not exercising enough is a major lifestyle problem causing obesity.

  • Watching too much Television

Watching TV too much is not good for your eyesight but it’s also not good for your weight. People who watch quite two hours of TV per day are more likely to be overweight compared with people that watch less. It’s definitely a lifestyle problem causing obesity. Couch potatoes tend to snack more during tube time, eat higher-calorie foods, and consume more calories overall.

  • Skipping Meals

Being super busy and skipping breakfast and meals is like a daily routine for people nowadays. While you’d think that ablation a meal helps hamper calories, this strategy often backfires. If you go an extended time without eating, you’ll become very hungry and overeat. It’s a neglected lifestyle problem causing obesity.

  • Eating due to Emotions

Our emotions play an important role in our life. Some people eat quite usual when they’re sad, stressed, bored, or angry. With time, this pattern of emotional overeating can cause obesity. This is a lifestyle problem causing obesity which we don’t even about and don’t take seriously but it’s a very serious problem.

  • Ordering In or Eating Out

Only 14% of families eat a home-cooked meal together seven days a week. Dining out on just one occasion every week quite doubles your risk for obesity. Restaurant meals are often higher in calories than meals prepared at reception and non as healthy as our home-cooked food.

  • Drinking Heavily

Alcoholic drinks contain empty calories and increase your appetite. People that drink heavily or binge drink have an increased risk for obesity, studies show. Experts recommend no quite one drink per day for ladies and no quite two drinks per day for men.

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