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Time to Reset your Health, Weight, and Immunity

Welcome to The Grand Healthy: The official home of your custom-fit Weight Loss Program

We custom-made our weight loss program as per your body composition, personal dietary fringes, and essence of living. 

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Lose it! Live it!

We focus on weight loss in a safe & healthy way and how to live healthy for a lifelong.

Through our magical weight loss program, we give one-on-one consultation and everyday tracking of clients. Our expert team of dieticians and nutritionists is focused on helping you lose weight without any stress of Weight Regain.

Our consultants customized the program in conformity with the client. Without giving any supplement and force for a heavy workout our experts suggest an ultimate weight loss program. That not only help you in losing weight but also increase your immunity, helps in muscles gain, and you can follow it for a lifetime.

Why do our programs are a pennyworth?

At The Grand Healthy, we believe in “No Starving”, “No Supplements”, and “No workouts”. Because fad diet not only sheds extra pounds but also loses bone, muscle, immunity, and water from your body. Hence we work on healthy weight loss programs. 

We help you with weight loss by maintaining your energy, hormonal imbalance, and weight regains problem. Our program also minimizes the uncertainty of heart disease, diabetes, back pain, certain cancers, joint pain, etc.

By following our expert consultation you can also save a good amount on your medical bills, outside food, and grocery bills every month.

What is comprised in this Program?

  • Customized Meal Plans
    We personalized your healthy meal plans as per your health conditions and food preferences.
  • Expert Consultation of Dieticians and Doctors
    We provide expert help on calories count, portions count, and nutrition counts to our clients.  
  • One-on-one everyday tracking
    Our consultants regularly track your activities so that they will help to enhance metabolism and increase immunity.